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My Story

I have lived and worked in 6 countries,(UK, SE, FR, IT, ES, GT) and though what initially led me there was learning the languages, cultures and understanding the people and their ways of working I also learnt a lot about analytics, strategy, new markets and business and product development, finally finding my real passion in the intersection between business and social impact within social enterprise.

This led me to question how to increase social, environmental and positive economic impact and I became interested in tech for its capacity to create scaleable solutions to real world problems which can cross physical boundries and continents and require relitively low start-up capital in comparison to bricks and mortar businesses or products. I am currently working as a software engineer and am learning more about all things DevSecOps, Big Data and its visualisation, AWS and Security Machine Learning in my free time.

I am strongly motivated by sustainability, social equality and the environment, I have been involved in biodiesel production, aquaponics, CNC machining and biodome construction. I enjoy the outdoors and sport and have swum regionally for the UK, run marathons /ultras and done some more random things like working as a trapeze artist along the way. I practice yoga and meditation and relish challenging my own perspectives and capabilities as often as possible, I am presently doing this via tech and love building things collaboratively.

Let's build something great together!